We are the Bellavino Billionaires

Success is not born; it is built.

Allen (B2D) Sims is the original Bellavino Billionaire and founder of the BVB empire. He produces, raps, models, and runs three successful businesses, a winery, a fashion line, and a local marajuana club.



Allen (B2D) Sims

| The Story

B2D began his journey in Montholly, NJ. He lived with his parents until he was eighteen years old.  He was the second of 3 children born into a military family. His mother stayed home to care for the family and his father served as a drill sergeant for the Army. Military life moved the family from Georgia to Germany, giving him roots and influences from all over the world, but he settled in CO at age 18, having previously lived here for a few years in his childhood.

Sims spent time between age 14 and 24 in and out of jail. He found his calling in music at 18, giving voice to the struggles and realities of his youth. He released his first album at 19, Since 2010, he has been remaking his life as a successful business owner. He owns a winery, a clothing line, and makes albums under his own label, Born 2 Die records.

| The Music

B2D makes West Coast and Southern Style Rap. His artistic inspirations include well-known artists like 2pac, Eric-B & Rakim, and Slick Rick. His first album, Silent Cries, was released in 1998 and he has been making music ever since. His relentless drive and determination keep him going back to the drawing board, always improving his craft and his message.

He has released 8 albums to date, including the latest, Apostles Creed, in 2014.



Apostles Creed




Born 2 Die


| The Life

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